Mentoring Services with Strategies for Learning

Professional Mixing Coach

You feel that you have mixed a great song, but the mix still doesn’t sound as good as the professionals. You’ve watch a lot of online videos but are still falling short with the quality of your mix. Frustration has become your middle name! Well, I might have a good solution for you.

I have mixed songs for top artists like, Van Morrison, Hall & Oates, Celine Dion, Kiss, Anne Murray, Andrea Bocelli and even Hip-Hop.

I have won 3 Juno Awards as Canada’s “Best Mixing Engineer”. My first Juno was for the song “Black Velvet” (Alannah Myles) which also won a Grammy Award. I have also shared production-mixing credits with 5 additional Grammy Award winners.

Mentoring / Teaching

Having also worked for 10 years as music production professor at the world famous “Music Industry Arts” program at Fanshawe College, I am very familiar with the ability to teach at a professional level.

Programs For Clients

I work exclusively in Pro-Tools. Clients should have a basic understanding of the functions of a DAW such as Pro-Tools, Logic, etc. Potential clients should have a basic understanding of the Pro-Tools workflow. Clients should also have basic experience in mixing. One of the most critical elements I teach is how music relates to equlization, dynamic management and the creating of dimension. I cover how an individual music performance relates and interacts to rhythm, melodic structure and harmonic structure.

Strategies for Learning

Method I

You can send me a mix for review and I can send you feedback on changes to be made. We can do this through email or video conferencing.

Method II

You can send me a pro-tools mix session with various wave plugins. With video conferencing, we can review and make changes to your mix. This process can be utilized and repeated until you are satisfied with your mix.

Method III

If you live in the Southern Ontario we can meet for a couple of 4-5 hour “one-on-one sessions”, preferably at the client’s location. This is the most popular choice; therefore, you must plan ahead to schedule session times.


Kris Kuzdak – Pirate Radio

“Kevin was an amazing mentor, especially with improving the quality of my mixing. I utilize everything he taught me on a daily basis. Thanks to Kevin, I now have many clients.”

Jeremy Fong – Urban Productions

“I was not a very good mixer even after many years. Kevin taught me how music relates to EQ and Compression, which opened my eyes up on how instruments and vocals work together. Now my mixes sound awesome on a consistent basis.”

Shaun Gratto – Independent Engineer

“Kevin was great working with me one-on-one. He taught me many techniques on how to do a professional sounding mix. The individual lessons were a great way to absorb and learn so much new information.”